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brings a lot of realization that you don’t experience when you’re younger.  Friendships are one of those things.  I recall my Mom many times telling me that “you’ll be able to count your true friends on one hand”.  Of course, I thought this was just the musings of a parent….someone so unbelievably out of touch with “my” reality.  “One hand”??  How silly!  I have a ton of friends. Real, true friends. Lots of them!

It’s true. I do have a lot of people that I would call “friend”.  We have been fortunate to have lived, as a family in 3 states. We made many friends along the way and there are people that, even though we may not cross paths again, that I will cherish until my very last breath.

But what about the kind of friend you can call up and say “Hey, want to run to Target? I need a mop.”  And they quickly say yes and off you go.  Sounds like a silly requirement for a “friend” but it’s that type of relationship I love the most.  Where you talk on the phone daily (or text I suppose these days) just to see what’s going on.  Sometimes there isn’t much to tell because you talk so often.

I can count, on one hand the friends I’ve made Target runs with. We all live in different states but boy do I miss them.  Our lives are different now. Our children are grown so a 45 cent pair of shorts on the Target clearance rack may not excite us as it used to (the Grandma excluded :-))  but….it’s the longing for the experience. For having that “person”.  How I miss that!  May need to make a Target run today for old time’s sake!