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This morning. My husband and I are exhausted. Our days have been filled with the usual running around that adults have times 300 recently. Running a business, growing a business, catering a wedding, hosting a party and lots of renovating. Just this week.  Not complaining whatsoever. It’s all been wonderful. But we’re a wee bit tired.

So last night we went to bed and I neglected to set my alarm. The exhaustion won out and we stayed in bed until too late to get ready for church. (the service is starting now as I type).  I don’t like to miss church.  I don’t like to not be there each week, hear what my Pastor has to say, see my church family. I just really enjoy being there.

But as I sat here with my girl and we are drinking some iced coffees, I’m looking through Facebook and I hear “Hi Mom”.  Now she will say this a hundred or more times a day. Really.  It’s like that commercial that was on for a while from Family Guy. The adult was in bed sleeping and the little boy stood next to the bed, “Mom. Mom. Mama. Mommy. Mom. Mom., etc.” And the Mom finally says “What??!”.  And the child says “Hi”.  (if you seen that ad you know what I’m talking about)

So she said “Hi Mom” and I absently say back, “Hi Meg” as I continue reading about the lives of my 1300 best friends.  Then I hear, “I love you”…….whiplash!!!   What? What did you say? Say it again? Did you say what I think you said?  And all of a sudden I’m the little boy on Family Guy peppering her with “Whats??”.

I missed church today so that I could hear my girl tell me that she loved me.

This may not seem like a huge deal to most.  Our children tell us they love us all of the time when they are younger. (we won’t talk about the older set right now)  But for my girl, those aren’t words I hear often unless I lead her down the path in saying them to me.

My girl has autism and although she has quite a vocabulary (sometimes a wee bit too much and one that can make my tan face blush a bright red), saying “I love you” unprompted just doesn’t happen.  Can’t begin to describe how that felt. How those three little words coming from my 25 year old daughter has just completely made my morning.

I missed church this morning so that I could hear my girl tell me that she loves me.

Sometimes we miss out on something we think is important or special to us.  We might miss out on a job opportunity or miss out on that house we really, really wanted.  Sometimes we start a business and it doesn’t go well.  Sometimes we want to go somewhere where other friends will be but the timing or finances don’t work out for us. We’ve always heard the phrase, “When God closes a door He opens another one.”  Do you believe that?  Do you think that God has your best interest in mind?  I don’t believe that God treats us like chess pieces orchestrating our every move. I do, however believe that God knows what is going to happen. He knows what we will do. He knew I would miss church this morning and knew that Megan would tell me that she loved me.

We just had church sitting at our kitchen table.