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Lacey Sturm is a rocker girl.  She was the front person for Flyleaf and is known for not only her lyrics and rocker voice but that she was an atheist who became a believer.

Her newest book release, The Mystery:  Finding True Love in a World of Broken Lovers is a story of her life. The good, the bad, the ugly and a bit more ugly.  It’s a story of hope!  Of redemption and of coming out of an ~orphan identity~ that makes us think that we don’t have a Father who loves us and care for us.

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Lacey shares her story and others who are also brave share theirs.  One of my favorite parts of the book is when Lacey showcases one of her Heroes….and they write a letter to the reader.  It’s always written with the thought of what they would tell their younger self and about the hope, grace and love that they have found in Christ. It’s personal and raw….true sincerity.

Throughout Lacey’s journey, she discovers True Love in Jesus Christ.  She allows us, the reader to go on this wild and crazy journey of highs and deep valley lows with her. Lacey is inspiring and her words will encourage you, no matter if you are on the highest hill or deep in a valley in your life right now.

I didn’t know who Lacey Sturm or Flyleaf was before opening the pages of this book, but I’m so glad I got a glimpse into this young lady’s life.  What a journey. What a testimony!

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*I received The Mystery in exchange for my honest opinion.