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IMG_9641.JPGI have complete confidence , O God; I will sing and praise you!
Psalm 57:7

Do I really? Do you? “Complete confidence” is a bit of stretch even on my best days. Tricia Lott Williford invites us to her table. There’s a bouquet of fresh daisies and a cute red mug with white polka dots. And oh, the caramel toffee scones. Can’t forget those. Tricia invites us to her table to talk to us about two things:

Stop being unhappy with ourselves.
Stop second-guessing all of our decisions and commitments.

“You Can Do This” is about being the Confident Girl. Confident in her identity, beauty, intellect, aloneness, surroundings and more. Tricia is the head cheerleader who is the kind girl that brings the team into the fold. Everyone is welcome and in all of her words, she points us to the Head Coach….our relationship with Jesus.

Women take on quite a large role in life. Many are raising children while bringing home the bacon and cooking it, too. Many are fulltime with their children at home, with some longing for adult conversation. Most have many balls in the air and like myself, my juggling skills leave much to be desired.

Chapter 15 talks about vulnerability and the confident girl “choosing” vulnerability. For me, that can be such a tough thing because when you are a strong, mostly confident woman, it seems unnatural to need help. But we all do at one point or another in life. I recall some friends from college gently admonishing me once about this very thing. “Denise, you are always the sounding board for everyone else’s problems, but who do you tell yours to?” Exactly. I didn’t and kept it all in. Grateful now for people in my life I can share openly with without fear of betrayal or repercussions. Tricia talks about needing to borrow other people’s faith, courage and confidence when at one point, hers was all stripped away. For us, as confident women to have people in our corner whom we can borrow from is a goal we should all strive for. The Confident Woman can be vulnerable when her tribe is solid!

Some key thoughts from this fabulous book that is my favorite read of 2017 so far!!

Nobody gets to steal your confidence.

Know how to be alone.

You have the right to feel.

Boundaries are a girl’s best friend.

Be present in this moment.

Choose to not overreact.

You want to read this book. You will glean so much from Tricia Lott Williford and her words. She will feel like a good friend that you are sharing coffee and scones with and she points you straight to Jesus. No detours. No roads that are uncertain. That Confident Woman loves Jesus and helps me to love Him more!

The truth is that when you love yourself, everybody wins.    Tricia Lott Williford


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