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Of-Mess-and-MoxieJen Hatmaker is the official BFF to women world wide. Her approachable personality, humor (much of it self-deprecating) and love for Jesus has won her fans and friends from all over the globe.

I first came to love Jen Hatmaker while doing her study “7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess”. Although I walked away from that book with a whole lot to chew on (only 7 items though. Just kidding….I didn’t do the food part), I really walked away from the next book of hers that I read. “Interrupted” changed my world. By the way, I had one opportunity to talk to Jen in her very own backyard and I choked up like an over obsessed fan to tell her “Interrupted changed my life.” Well, it did but seriously….that’s what I said. Insert a serious eye roll here and pray for a do over someday. Good gravy!

For real though, Interrupted DID change my world. I had just returned from my first international mission trip and my heart was aching for what I saw and for what I left behind. To come back to this world I live in, well it was a lot. Still is most days.

Then Jen penned For the Love and I read it and laughed and did some tearing up, too. Same with this latest release, Of Mess and Moxie. What a fun book. What a challenging book to allow myself and others grace. And what a reminder that “God created us to triumph; we are made in the image of Jesus who has overcome the world.”

Jen gently reminds us that we “don’t have to be who (we) were”. Grace, Sisters. Grace.

The How To sections are enough to make you howl out loud. My personal recent favorite is “How to Organize a Book Club”. Some of my friends and I just started one and it’s been a ton of fun. Because of things like this:

Select a book.
1.  Purchase said book with real dollars.
2.  Place book on bedside table for the next three to four weeks.
3.  Look at book each night with good intentions.
8.  Serve enough wine in hopes that no one will realize you didn’t open the book.
9   Discover that three out of twelve girls read the whole book. Admit that “Book Club” is   an excuse for women to leave their homes and basically drink wine and eat snacks.

Yes….howled because it’s so true!

Jen leads us through some good listening strategies. “We listen sincerely, we don’t just reload while someone else’s mouth is moving”. Ouch. Yes! And useful statements to help create safe spaces:

Tell me more about that.
Tell me how your thoughts progressed in this.
I appreciate your experience with this. I’m listening.

Chapter 10….Makers and Dreamers. One of my favorite essays in this book. You’re going to have to buy it to find out why!!

And to quote Jen one last time…..”So let’s go forth, Moxie Ladies. We have a world to love and a sisterhood to expand, and we’re just the girls for the job.”

This book is for all of the girls!  Enjoy!  #ofmessandmoxie



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Jen Hatmaker