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Sitting on my front porch making calls concerning my Gran’s hospice care and the cutest little Hummingbird hovers directly in front of me with not a drop of nectar in sight. Thanks for the sweet treat this morning God!

This weekend was rough. So rough. And the call list for help has changed as life is fluid. People move. People travel. Relationships change. But then you discover people you knew but really didn’t know who drop what they are doing to come break down a bed so that hospice can bring a hospital bed. You find a neighbor who shows up with food, just because. You mess up your kid’s date day and they come to help, no questions asked. You’ve got your Mom who is there throughout the day offering encouragment and loving on her Mom and me and taking care of Megan. Your Sister, praying and loving from a distance. You have staff who pick up the caterings and work extra hours to make sure that everything goes well in spite of the sudden change.

You miss a funeral for a loved one of some precious friends and they want to love on me.

Life isn’t always predictable. It’s constantly changing with new beauty yet challenges daily. But you move. You continue to go forward. And then you wake up to a lady who is much different than two days ago. Who’s appetite is back. Who is enjoying her morning coffee even if from a metal hospital bed.

And a hummingbird flys by to say hello. God is always present. In people, in the hard and in the beauty. Grateful.