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My friend Robin is one of the smartest people I know. She’s strong, Godly and has wisdom that I glean from! She shared a blog the other day about her Mother-in-law. It’s beautifully endearing yet profoundly sad and today, on Gran’s 92nd birthday, I can relate to every single thought and emotion.

When You’re Praying This is Her Last Mother’s Day

Watching a loved one reach closer to the end of their life is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. I haven’t shared much, except with a small group of people. I don’t know why, really except it feels private. Yet, impending death doesn’t have to be a hush and taboo topic.

Gran has lived a great life in many ways. She’s loved and been loved well. She’s been a part of our small family’s life always, even if we all didn’t live in the same state. She’s been a Mom, Wife, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother and Great-Great Grandmother. Such an amazing blessing!

Today on her 92nd birthday, there will be no formal celebration. She is on hospice care now and won’t have the energy to celebrate. Today as I spoon fed her jello and stroked her hair, I was filled with so much love for this tiny woman who has loved me well. Loved my Mom, my Sister and our children well.

You may not have the energy to celebrate today, but we celebrate you. And love you so very, very much!

Happy 92nd Birthday Gran!